Total-Vue™ System Information at a Glance

The Alpha Graphic Total-Vue™ System at a Glance is a very functional and aesthetically pleasing customized panel or wall mounted display that depicts an active permanent picture of the status of any type of control system.

The graphic is configured using mosaic tiles, silk-screened to depict the process or facilities. 

The layout typically includes status or alarm indication, selector and/or push-button switches, analog, digital and/or graphic displays, annunciators, etc., strategically placed to indicate the status of critical system parameters.  

The mosaic tile configuration is suited to applications that from time to time require modifications due to plant expansions or process changes.  This grid and tile construction allows the highest flexibility in regard to overall sizing and display layout modification.

Alpha Graphic Total-Vue™ System at a Glance compliments computer control systems. 

While the computer enables the operator to focus in on an individual control element, the Total-Vue™ System at a Glance enables an instant and current system overview.


  • Flexibility: 
    Graphic can be modified, expanded or changed without need of a new panel
  • Ease of readability:
    Graphics provide a clear representation of the system.
  • Multi-color:
    Up to six different colors are provided as standard.
  • Multi-sized:
    Symbols are sized to suit customer’s requirements.
  • Choice of Framework: 
    Panels can be mounted on the wall, floor or a specially designed framework.
  • Quality Materials: 
    Tiles have high UV stability and high resistance to inflammation.

  • Engineering Support: 
    Experienced engineers design and supervise the fabrication, commissioning and testing of the panels to ensure complete conformance to customers requirements
  • Complete Documentation: 
    Panel layout, 1 to 1 scale mosaic display, internal wiring and termination diagrams and operating manuals are provided with every mosaic panel

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